Contribute to the Community

This dream can’t come true without YOU! There are a few ways to contribute:

Make a direct donation

Donating directly makes the biggest impact. 100% of the funds raised goes towards the accessibility renovations + start up costs.

More ways to contribute

Come to a fundraiser!
• Pride Pint Nights every Saturday at Greater Purpose Brewing Company from 7pm-10pm
more events here!

Spread the word!
• Share this page or any of the Neighbor’s posts on your social media accounts or directly to your friends
• Follow @theneighborspub on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter
• Invite your friends to the events on Facebook
• Spam the group chat with pics of you at the special events
• Add the GoFundMe page to your email signature
• Bring your Grindr/Her/Lex/Bumble/Tinder* matches to Pride Pint Monday

*The Neighbor’s Pub is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these dating apps… yet. (Hey, a queer can dream).

Thank you so much for building the Neighbor’s community!