The Neighbor’s Journey

    A brief overview of the formation of the Neighbor’s Pub.

    • 2015 – 2021

      Frankie moved to the Santa Cruz area in 2015. Conceptualization, research, and development began soon after.

    • May 2021

      The project + the Kickstarter campaign was publicized.

    • June 2021

      The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched.

    • July 2021

      7/5 The collaboration with Greater Purpose Brewing Company started with weekly Pride Pint Nights throughout July + August.

      7/16 The Kickstarter campaign ended with $26,480 raised by 319 backers!

    • September 2021

      9/6 The Love Thy Neighbor event in collaboration with Greater Purpose Brewing Company was a huge success! It was the first large in-person event. The event was so successful, it led to a continued collaboration.

      9/22 The Fall Campaign was launched with hopes of raising $50,000 for ADA renovations + other start up costs for a specific prospective rental. The campaign consisted of crowdfunding through GoFundMe, weekly Pride Pint Night events, a Virtual Silent Auction, and several special events each month.
    • December 2021

      The Fall Campaign ends only reaching 20% of the goal. The decision is made to not go forward with the aforementioned rental prospect and to continue seeking out other opportunities.

    • Today

      The fundraising continues while new prospective rental locations are considered.