Welcome to the Neighbor’s

A LGBTQ+ centric, socially responsible restaurant and community space.

Coming soon to
Santa Cruz, California.

LGBTQ+ Centric

The Neighbor’s is more than a queer bar. With a menu of cafe beverages and food, we give the LGBTQ+ community a better, more inclusive space.

Beyond creating a physical space for LGBTQ+ people to mix and mingle, the Neighbor’s will create community through events of many types — from classes, drag competitions, to live entertainment. 

Open Late Night

The Neighbor’s will be open until 3am. This offers the more crepuscular and nocturnal members of our community a place to eat, gather, work, and play.

From open to 8pm, well-behaved and leashed dogs and cats will be welcome on the patio. They will enjoy specialty treats and beverages alongside their well-behaved handlers. (These set hours will ensure the safety of our furbabies, as live performances may begin at 9pm).

Socially Responsible

The Neighbor’s is a company you’ll feel good supporting. A portion of the annual profits will go towards conservation work, both locally and globally. Another portion of the profits will be reinvested in the local LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities. This may be through direct donations, collaborative fundraisers, or community events held at the Neighbor’s.

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